Lion finance has been providing financial solutions to businesses since it's formation back in 1979.

The team is led by Tony Read, one of our founders, who is still very involved in the day to day operation of the business.

Lion finance is an originating member of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers, an exclusive professional body representing commercial brokers throughout the United Kingdom; as such Lion Finance is able to offer exclusive financial products to our clients not available elsewhere.

Over the years, we have maintained strong personal relationships with a number of commercial lenders, all of whom are willing to lend to businesses.         
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A little about us

Tony Read and his business partner Graham Styles formed Lion Finance in 1979.
They were both employed by Lloyd's and Scottish Finance Ltd as Asset Finance Managers, Tony running the Chiswick office and Graham at Kingston.

Slater Walker Finance Ltd was formed, Tony and Graham joined the new face of finance in the City of London, Tony manager at Pall Mall and Graham in West London.

After three great years in the employment of Slater Walker Finance Ltd, the company was sold off to an American conglomerate.

Lion Finance was born.

The Lion Finance team has survived three recessions, continuing to help business customers throughout that time and has now finally located itself near Esher, Surrey.

Tony is the only surviving founder, with the business focusing on the commercial property funding market, offering loans from £100,000 to £10,000,000.

Our philosophy is simple, we help all businesses where we can, we support new and existing clients to ensure that they achieve their objectives and if for any reason we face an obstacle, we will always find a friend that can assist.

Client services
•Bridging Finance
•Car Finance
•Commercial Mortgages
•Invoice Discounting
•Trade Finance
•Commercial Utilities
•Commercial Green Deal
•Foreign Exchange
•Interest Rate Hedging



about our services

Bridging Finance
Bridging finance is a way of raising funds on a short term basis, normally secured against property. But other assets can be considered, which can include works of art, Jewellery, vintage cars.

* 1st charge loans up to 75% of the value of the property.
* 2nd charge loans up to 75% of the property (permission of the 1st mortgagee required)
* Interest can be charged monthly (payable monthly) or in some cases added to the loan and deducted from the loan (no monthly repayments)
* Commercial properties allowed.
* Residential properties allowed.
* Minimum term 3 months.
* Maximum term 18 months (subject to underwriting)
* Interest from 1.25% per month
* Both open ended bridges and closed bridges.
* Funding for most purposes.
* Auction purchases allowed

Buy To Let Mortgages
We’re a market leading buy to let mortgage broker. We offer independent market leading buy to let mortgages. If you are looking to mortgage a non-standard buy to let property or have complex funding requirements, we have direct access to specialist property lenders .

You can use our buy to let finance calculator to determine how much you can borrow, your monthly payments and minimum rent requirements.

Car Finance
Allows our customers (private or business) to aquire a vehicle today and pay for it over a predetermined period of time at excellent rates.

CONTRACT HIRE Whether you need a quote for one vehicle or more, we have many lenders available

PRIVATE CAR FINANCE If you wish to buy your car privately, be it from your employer, friend or from a private advert in the newspaper - we can help.

NEW / USED CAR FINANCE We will finance cars up to 10 years of age. From 10% deposit with repayments over 60 months.

CLASSIC CAR FINANCE Providing the vehicle qualifies as a Classic Car we will consider advancing 70% of its' value. We will also allow capital raising should you already own the vehicle.

Commercial Mortgages

- Investment
- Owner Occupier
- Development
- Leasehold Finance

At Lion Finance we have many years of experience in commercial mortgage brokering, now specialising in all types of commercial finance for business and individual investment.

We provide you with the information you need to make informed choices about the products that fit your requirements, and help you arrange the finance you need.

Invoice Discounting
Invoice discounting for provides an injection of cash into a business by releasing money against unpaid sales invoices, which can be done without your clients knowing you’re using the service.

With our solution, you could receive up to 90% of the value of your unpaid invoices, within 24 hours of an invoice being raised. You simply submit your invoice to us online.The remaining balance is then made available when customers settle their debts. You stay in complete control of ensuring collection from your clients and administering the sales ledger.

Leasing Capital Equipment
A finance lease or "full-payout lease" is a contract under which you commit to payment over a period of time (the "Primary Lease Period") of specified sums to repay in total the capital cost of the vehicle or asset together with the our interest charges. We have many years of experience in this sector and can lead you to the best finance value around.

A typical finance lease will last from two to five years. At the end of the Primary Lease Period, the lease will typically go into a Secondary Lease Period during which you pay secondary rentals for continued use of the vehicle or asset. Alternatively we will appoint you as our agent to sell the vehicle or asset. You are responsible for maintenance and insurance of the vehicle or asset.

The Lender retains ownership of the vehicle or asset throughout both Lease Periods and are therefore able to claim capital allowances on the Equipment and pass on any benefit to you.

The Benefits

• Preserves cash and credit lines for other uses
• Fixed monthly payments
• Matches payments to the life of the vehicle or asset, thereby easing cashflow
• No need to pay the VAT on the cost of the equipment up front
• Rentals are an allowable expense against your assessment of Corporation Tax
• Typically lease rentals are lower than Hire Purchase payments because we can factor in the benefit of capital allowances.

Payroll (Cash Friday)
Your staff are your lifeblood, which is why it’s important they are not left waiting for payment because you are waiting to be paid by your customers. Back office and payroll finance is an ideal solution to help in this situation.

Trade Finance
Trade or Transaction finance is “through finance” from supplier through the client to customers who require goods or services. It is “off balance sheet” finance, which does not affect existing bank facilities. The normal simple scenario is that we buy and sell to the client. Upon sale of the product the sales invoice is assigned to us and, from proceeds, we recover our position and pay the profit to the client.

Such finance is used for imports, exports; good both bought and sold in the UK (frequently after manufacture) and even if the goods never touch the UK of Ireland.

We help businesses that cannot obtain sufficient credit themselves from their UK suppliers. Some are new starts, rebuilds or CVSs. We frequently get our money back from the clients factoring company.
Company going into a CVA or restart after liquidation will be unable to get credit in the future and have no cash to pay before delivery. We issue Supplier Undertakings to the suppliers. We buy on credit for them recovering from factored debts.
Substantial capital goods manufacturer needs additional working capital to finance several large export orders. We pay 27 suppliers of time, and recover the debt assigned to us from customers in the UK, Germany and USA.
Well established boat builder took over the orders of a company in liquidation to build fast offshore power boats under LC to government in Middle East. We financed the build of the boats from start to delivery.

Commercial Utilities
Why not benefit from your business savings by ensuring you are not wasting your cashflow on overcharged utility bills. Call us to find out how much you can save.

Residential and Commercial Green Deal
The Governments new green policies allow you to kit out your business and residential property with no upfront cost.
No Upfront Costs
Nothing To Pay Back
Free Installation
Lower Utility Costs
You can afford to put the heating on more
Full warranties on all equipment installed
Lower carbon emissions

Foreign Currency
Foreign Exchange & Basic International Payments – If you need to complete multiple trades, talk to us about your overall business requirements and we’ll work out the best solution going forward.

FX Risk Management – We can help you develop (and implement) foreign exchange hedging strategies in line with your ongoing trading activities. Our expert dealers will monitor the currency markets for you, keeping you updated on what you need to know – when you need to know it. They’ll provide specialist guidance and help you decide which of our foreign exchange products will suit your business best.

Consultancy Services – Market volatility means increased risks, but it also means new opportunities. We can help you identify the potential benefits of market movements – as well as plan for the possible pitfalls. This is a fee-based consultancy service, where the cost is dependent on your specific requirements. Our advice will always remain impartial and objective, and we will always respect your existing banking relationships.

Problems With Your Bank?
If your business has borrowed money from a bank and you have an interest rate swap arrangement in place, we have access to a specialist team of UK solicitors who will challenge the validity of the product you were sold, if they consider that the product has in anyway been miss-sold.


Our Products

PGI Personal Guarantee Insurance

Why do I need PGI cover?
Personal Guarantee Insurance provides financial security and protection from the unforeseen. If you've ever given Personal Guarantees for loans, then that guarantee could one day be called upon leading to significant costs to you.

What does PGI cover?
Should your Personal Guarantee be called upon by the Lender, the Insurance will be in place to pay out the indemnified amount which may clear your liability to your Lender in full.

Click Here to apply or learn more

Commercial Exchange Rates

At Lion Finance, we work very closely with TorFX, a Specialist Currency Broker, and together we are able to obtain far better exchange rates than you are likely to receive from a high street bank.

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Customer Testimonials


I would recommend Lion Finance to all. As an IFA I have used Lion Finance for commercial and venture capital financing. I find their breadth of products and contact pool extraordinary. As well as securing the financing we were looking for the service received was polite, fast and efficient.

I have no hesitation of recommending Lion Finance to anyone that may require financial advice.
Carl Bennett, Think Mortgages
Tony brings calm & experienced knowledge to our finance requirements. As frustrating as I am to work with, Tony steers us through the formalities and delivers a fair and balance deal.
Jonathan Dunne, Barleycorn Blue Trust
Tony Read of Lion Finance has looked after our commercial property funding requirements for more than 15 years.
His business has provided solutions to our many and varied financial requests, and throughout that time, has given loyal support no matter what funding task we set.
His ability to source funding, even in the most difficult of times, as we have particularly experienced over the past five years has been of great help in respect of both the family portfolio of properties and the support of our building development programs.
Clive Stanford, F.R.I.C.S


Contact Address

Lion Finance
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Mobile: 07970 923 325
Phone: 0208 432 2235

Email: money@lion-finance.com

Skype: anthony.read3

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 8.00am - 8.30pm
Saturday 8.00am - 12.00pm

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